Chapter in The Handbook of Teaching Qualitative and Mixed Research Methods

I contributed a book chapter to The Handbook of Teaching Qualitative and Mixed Research Methods: A Step-by-Step Guide for Instructors, co-edited by Alissa Ruth, Amber Wutich, and H. Russell Bernard and recently published by Routledge. My chapter, entitled “Uncovering Causal Complexity with Qualitative Comparative Analysis” provides material for instructors to teach causal complexity and QCA usage through a combination of interactive lectures, homework materials, and in-class discussions. Overall, the Handbook presents a collection of 71 concise chapters on qualitative and mixed methods, covering diverse topics such as research ethics, sampling techniques for qualitative research, visual and participatory methods, linguistic analysis, network analysis, and six chapters on modeling and comparative analyses, which include my QCA chapter and, among others, a chapter on comparative ethnography by Raul Pacheco-Vega and a chapter on effective calibration practices by Claude Rubinson and Roel Rutten. The complete contents and further information on the Handbook can be found here.