QCA: Research Design & Application

Image: Georgetown University Press

Textbook on Qualitative Comparative Analysis

My book Qualitative Comparative Analysis: Research Design and Application provides a hands-on introduction to Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) – emphasizing research design, practical application, and real-life examples from published studies. Beginners are taken through each step in the research process so as to apply the procedures to their own projects. Experienced users will refresh their knowledge of QCA, including discussions of best practices, the critical reception of QCA, recent trends, and new ways to apply the method. Both groups will profit from many illustrated examples across the social sciences, and a compendium of suggestions to improve QCA research design, the interpretation of findings, and the presentation of results. The book is complemented by a concise R Manual.

The book is under contract with Georgetown University Press, Washington, DC.

Pre-prints of selected chapters (versions: July 2019): Introduction, Causal Explanation, Research Design, Set Theory, Calibrating Sets, Measures of Fit, Set-Theoretic Analysis, QCA Variants, QCA and Its Critics, Conclusion, R Manual.

Please contact me in case you are interested in receiving updated pre-prints of these and other chapters from the book.