Month: April 2018

  • New Podcast at Willy Brandt School

    Brandt School initiates The Bulletin Podcast series – first episode with an interview of Dr. Patrick A. Mello

    For the first episode of the new podcast series of the Willy Brandt School at the University of Erfurt, host Maria Brackin did a 30-minute interview with me on research, teaching, academia at-large, and much more. Listen to the first episode of The Bulletin Podcast here: [MP3] The Brandt School also runs a blog, which you can read using this link.

  • ISA San Francisco 2018

    59th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, 4-7 April 2018, San Francisco

    At the Annual Convention of the ISA in San Francisco, I was involved with papers in two panels. The first panel on parliaments and security policy featured articles from our a special issue of the British Journal of Politics and International Relations (co-edited with Dirk Peters). The other panel focused on the politics of multinational military operations: I also took part in a methods café and a roundtable, and served as discussant for one session of the Junior Scholar Symposium. The methods café was an ISA Innovative Panel that brought together scholars that represent diverse methods and approaches in foreign policy analysis (co-organized with Falk Ostermann). The methods café format provides an informal setting where participants can meet panelists at separate tables to discuss methods-related questions. The roundtable sponsored by the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States looked into US-Canadian relations after the first year of the Trump Administration (organized by Carolyn C. James). See the full ISA 2018 program here.